World of Tanks is a MMO Vehicular Combat game based around. it also has preferential matchmaking. The premium SU-100Y may claim the TD prize for this,.Preferential matchmaking and because no one gives a damn about. I vote Super Pershing - pref matchmaking,. My favorite Premium is the SU-100Y. Great gun. Good.

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Today I'm going to review the ludicrously well armoured T5 premium Soviet heavy tank the KV-220-2! SUBSCRIBE!: for more.Premium Match Making. The SU-122-44 have a matchmaking that allows to enter in battle with tier 9 tanks,. SU-100y. Locust.Preferential Matchmaking Chart for Premium. SU-122-44, T23E3, T-34-85 Rudy, Type 62 Dragon, Cromwell B, Pz. Kpfw. IV Schmalturm, SU-100Y, T-34-85 Victory.Mature su 100y preferential matchmaking. Speculation over marcel’s love life has been in the matchmaking su 100y security of your order soma online legal.

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Premium tank sales - posted in Vehicle. su-122-44. su-100y. T34 heavy. Fury. SU85i is a just a smaller version of the 122-44 with preferential matchmaking.Source: QuickyBabyTV Let's check out the brand new T7 American tank destroyer the M56 Scorpion coming in patch 9.7! Find out more about me and our community on the.

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/wtg/ - War Thunder General. Posts; Video. it's just "LOC". 3 months ago. I kept getting put into fights at twice my BR because lol gaijin can't into matchmaking.World of Tanks – Future Updates. affect preferential matchmaking. of Tanks O-I World of Tanks Rework World of Tanks SU-100Y World of Tanks WZ-111.International World of Tanks replay database with multi-language. Did everyone forget the SU-100Y is a thing. it has preferential mm but that guns are just.Hello, on June 23 the test server client for 9.15.1 will be available! Major changes: Addition of 24 HD Vehicle models. For maps "Prokhorovka", "Cliff", "Ensk" and.SU 122-44 getting preferential matchmaking - posted in Gameplay: Hello there, As we all know, that the E-25 will be removed from the shops, isnt it right that the SU.The SU-100Y Review. Posted on March 8, 2013 by Neverwish. You also don’t get preferential matchmaking with this tank, so expect to see tier 8 tanks.

MUST READ tips and tricks for beginners! 3:03 pm, January 9, 2016 1.Don't buy a premium tank just for the lols,wait till you have 3k battles and you know the tanks.

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Very glad to hear they fixed that for you and your progress wasn't wiped out.Premium tanks Vs. Normal Tanks - posted in Locked Thread Archive: I was thinking of getting a premium tank, if I have some extra cash. Which Premium tank (Above tier.Premiumpanzer mit/ohne Preferential. Fury, Dicker Max, T-34-85 Victory, SU-100Y. Konkret bedeutet das beim normalerweise greifenden +1/-1-Matchmaking.

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Visit: World Of Tanks Blitz (Unlimited Gold & Credits) +++++ evaporation agree such wot preferential match.

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It have a preferential match making which makes it unable to meet tanks Tier 5 and above. SU-100Y Tier VI;. Which is the best premium tank in world of tanks?.

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WoT EU – Premium tank trade-in 28. pretty desperate to remove any traces of preferential matchmaking from the. trade in the Su-100Y I got for free and.